SAS (Smart Accounting System) - Accounting software for solicitors.

User friendly software designed for solicitors with quick data entry features, built on a powerful database that can grow with your practice.

Installation can be done on a network or a standalone computer with training and support provided.


Main software features

Client Matters

  • Create clients with multiple matters
  • Allocate a Partner and Fee earner to matters
  • Save documents (e.g. passport copy, letters and other scanned documents)
  • Client’s accounts and time ledgers can be easily searched and retrieved
  • Closing and reopening matters with facility to record the location of archived files
  • Various reports

Client Accounts

  • Easy recording of client receipts and payments
  • Client’s ledger balance readily available
  • Warning before client ledger goes into debit
  • Transfer money from client account to office account as a single or batch entry to save time
  • Transfer from one client ledger to another
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly reconciliation reports as per SRA requirements
  • Various reports

Time Recording

  • Easy time recording system in units or hours and minutes
  • Descriptions for all time recording activities
  • Daily time spent and amount of work done readily available
  • Unique facility to create attendance note for every activity with customisable print facility
  • Create time billing based on work-in-progress or normal billing
  • Facility to carry forward or write-off time whilst creating time billing
  • Facility for up/down lifting of charge rates
  • Facility to approve time sheets by a Partner
  • Helpful list to see time recorded with facility to filter, search and print
  • Various reports

Fee Earner

  • Create records for Partners, Fee earners and other employees
  • Have different charge rates on different activities for a Fee earner
  • Time sheet ledger for each Fee earner
  • List of matter allocation for each Fee earner
  • Fee earner monthly performance report readily available
  • Various reports

Office Accounts

  • Allocate receipts from client against unpaid bill of costs and disbursements
  • Disbursement payments to a single file or multiple files to save time
  • Warning before office ledger goes into credit
  • Details of general office receipts and payments are saved and recalled for future entries
  • Pay suppliers and view their ledger transactions
  • Transfer money from office account to client account
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Enter office journals
  • Trial balance with drill down facility to see nominal ledgers
  • Various reports


  • Printing facility for Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Monthly management reports
  • VAT with detailed workings, including option for Cash Accounting or Flat Rate VAT
  • Aged Debtors and Creditors report
  • Output to PDF and Excel spreadsheet
  • Easily accessible reports


  • Password can be set for different users
  • Access right can be set for different users
  • Drillable “transaction list” with search and filter options
  • Facility to correct errors
  • Audit trail